1939 Census

The 1931 Census had been destroyed by fire so the 1939 Census was taken just after the start of the second world war on the 29th of September. It was done to produce Identity Cards and Rationing Books as well as for the use of conscription information. From a family history point of view, it gives a snapshot of what and where the families were in the country at this time. It doesn’t contain the names of every member, but it still gives an interesting mention and pointer to what was happening.
My Father, Ivor is in Merthyr Tydfil staying at 13, Baden Terrace with Big Daddy, Granny Annie, Uncle Bryn and another of Big Daddie’s and Granny Annie’s children, Aunty Doris. Jean Powell is also in Merthyr staying with her Aunty Blodwyn. In Swansea, Brin and Cliff are at home with Ivor and May (Ruth), but there’s no sign of the other children.
In Birmingham, Uncle Bert is staying with Uncle Emlyn and Aunty Nancy as is Pat, but there’s no sign of Ken. Aunty Gladys is shown as working at a ‘Crisp Factory’ and I know Smiths Crisps had a plant about 2 miles away in Tyseley. My Grandparents are at home in Petworth Grove with Hannah and Cyril, there’s no sign of Uncle Trevor.
The quality of the records are not brilliant, but it gives us a fascinating insight into what can only be described as a horrific time as the full horror of war was yet to be revealed.