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An Actor in The Family

Eric Francis Davies was a 2nd great-grandson of Morgan Jones. His mother was Annie Jane Jones the daughter of Aaron Jones. Aaron Jones was a twin brother of my 2nd Great Grandfather Moses Jones. A coincidence occurred when I had been in touch with Carolyn Jacobs at Merthyr Tydfil library to enquire about Moses Jones and she said that 5 minutes previous a couple whose Grandfather was Aaron had been speaking to her. I was put in touch with Mr & Mrs Riden and we were able to swap notes on the descendants of our respective ancestors. This is when I found out about us having an actor in the family, albeit through an indirect line. Eric Francis Davies was an actor who, although never made the headlines of Hollywood or followed in the footsteps of Richard Burton, still made a career from television and films. For acting purposes, he dropped the Davies from his surname and always appeared as Eric Francis. It has been extremely difficult in locating a photograph of Eric Francis, although the one here shows him playing a lift attendant with a couple of big Hollywood names in the 1958 film, Indiscreet.

Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant & Eric Francis in the film, Indiscreet.

Below are just some of the parts he played over many years.


The Third Man 1955 Richard of Bordeaux
Indiscreet 1958 Lift Operator
I was Monty’s Double 1958 Commissionaire
Hand in Hand 1960 Newsboy
Amorous Prawn 1962 Postman
Private life of Sherlock Holmes 1970 Gravedigger
Theatre of Blood 1973 Meths Drinker
Love for Lydia 1977 Davis (Jeweller)
Schalcken the Painter 1979 Goldsmith
Armchair Thriller 1980 Mr Evans
Boys in Blue 1983 The Postman
Light Duties (The Bill) 1988 Jack Card
Chancer 1990 Graham Duxbury
Dr Who 1960s The Sensorites