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Lesley-Ann Jones

Lesley-Ann is the literary genius in the family. Walk into any Waterstones book store and you can be sure that they’ll have at least one of her titles on the shelves. It isn’t only books that she excels in. She has had a long career as a journalist, interviewing and touring with the biggest names in rock and pop history and who could forget her ‘Me and Mrs Jones‘ series on Vintage TV, attracting the likes of Rick Wakeman and the two frontmen from Status QuoFrancis Rossi and Rick Parfitt to name but a few.

She has a unique style of writing which makes you want more and her biographies reach the parts that others can’t! After all, she has met most of them which always gives her bios an added edge over other authors. I think I can safely say that I’ve read every word that has been written by herself and that includes her latest book, ‘Stone Age‘.

I’m truly honoured and lucky to be part of this Jones family, especially with cousins like Lesley-Ann. If you want to know more I know she’ll appreciate your visit to her excellent website. Lesley-Ann